Create shared calendars

Shared calendars can easily be used to add more than one class or calendar for multiple grades/groups. For instance, it may be useful in the case of common breaks within several classes, or subjects with a particular theme.

A shared calendar works in the same way as a calendar for classes in terms of creating different courses, adding teachers, and so on. When a shared calendar is being merged with a grade/group, all of the activities will be visible for the particular classes.

How to create a shared calendar:

1. Click on “Shared calendars” in the menu on the left side and then click on “Create shared calendar

2. Name the shared calendar. For instance “Breaks”, and click on the blue button “create”. Note, you may create several shared calendars at once by adding several names to the list.

3. The shared calendar is now created. It is visible in the list among shared calendars and you can always access the calendar from here. The courses with which have been merged with a grade will be visible in the classes and their calendar. In the example provided belove, we have merged break, among others, with all classes. The courses are created for one week, then they are copied and pasted into the whole school year. (Read: copying)

4. To merge the calendar with a grade, you click “Merge with a grade/group” below the calendar. Select the specific classes with which the calendar is being merged with. In the same way, it is possible to merge the calendar with a classroom. If there are any later changes in the shared calendar, these changes will simultaneously change in the classes’ calendar with which the calendar is merged with.

You may also watch the video from our tutorial where we demonstrate how to create a shared calendar. 

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