Notes to the Substitute

When scheduling substitutes, it can be useful to hand over notes to the substitutes from the teachers/staff that are absent about the class and course. There are two ways to do this:

1) Write them directly in the function “Substitute”

2) The teacher that is absent writes notes directly from their own calendar

1- Substitute notes directly in Substitutes

For each course that needs to be covered by a substitute due to absence, there is a section for Substitute notes to the left. These notes will be visible in the calendar to the substitute. In the example below, there is a note written to substitute Clair Mobley, which will appear in her personal calendar. As an alternative, you may print this overview and physically hand it over to the substitute.


2- The one absent writes notes in its own calendar

The second way to hand over information to the substitute is that the teacher or staff that are absent write these notes directly in their own calendar. You do this by selecting the particular course in your own schedule. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can type in these notes in the area called “substitute notes”. In the same way as above, these notes will be visible in the teachers’ calendar as well as in “Substitute”.


Accordingly, it is possible to scroll down in a class or teachers’ calendar to the weekly plan. Here, there is a section called “Teachers notes” on the left side.


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