Working Hours for External Substitutes

If your school is using external substitutes and would like to keep track of when they are available to substitute, is it useful to use the function “Working hour”.

You can mark this availability in two ways. Either by finding the substitute’s calendar and adding working hours here, or you can give the substitute login access to Docendo which will allow the substitute to mark the availability herself. This can be used as an alternative to keep track of the availability on a separate excel-sheet, for instance. 

When working hours are registered for the substitute, the availability will appear in the “Substitute” function and be marked with blue. Below, you can see an example of how the available working hours appear in the schedule overview of absence and the list overview.  

Available substitutes in the Schedule overview of absence:

Note. Here, we have limited the selection of available users by filtering it with the group/tag "Substitute" top right side corner.   

Available substitutes in the list overview:

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