The function “Groups” allows you to sort and filter users at your school. These groups are useful in several ways when using Docendo. For instance, they allow you to, by only one click, add all users at the school, or specific teachers within a group, in the same activity. Moreover, groups can be used when dealing with absence and substitute, as you can find available teachers by looking at the overview of the schedule among specific groups. Each user may be included in one or several groups. Groups are made by “tags”, meaning that each user may have several “tags”.

To create groups:

1. Click on the gear icon (️) on the top right corner

2. Click “Users”

3. To the left you cross out users that you want to be in the same group

4. After you have selected all of the users you want to include, click “ add tag to...” on the corner right. If there has been other groups created previously, the name of these tags will show up as suggestions. You may select one of the pre-exciting groups or you may type inn a new name for your group. Finally, click “Create tag”.


The groups is now created. <o:p></o:p>

Tip! Creating groups can be particularly useful if there are teacher-teams who would regularly schedule classes or activities together. When a course is being created, or a meeting being scheduled, you can search for the name of the group in “add teachers”. When the group is being selected, rather than single users, the whole group will be linked to the activity. 


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